ARRL East Bay Section

ARRL East Bay Section ARES®

Member Course Training

All ARRL East Bay Section ARES® ("EB-ARES") members are strongly encouraged to complete the following basic course training.

The "IS" courses listed above are offered on line at no charge in the National Incident Management System (NIMS) component of the FEMA Emergency Management Institute's Independent Study Program. EC-001 is offered by the ARRL on an online platform, in local classroom sessions, and by means of self study of a printed course transcript. See below for more information.

Completing the courses listed above is a minimum requirement for designation as a Full Member in EB-ARES. See the Membership page for details.

EC-001 Introduction to Emergency Communication

The ARRL Introduction to Emergency Communication Course (EC-001) is available in the ARRL Continuing Education Program. This course includes basic knowledge expected of emergency communications volunteers, and is one of the requirements for Full Member designation in the EB-ARES program.

EC-001 can be completed in several different ways:

Two FEMA Emergency Management Institute online courses are prerequisites for EC-001. They are IS-100, "Introduction to Incident Command System", and IS-700, "National Incident Management System (NIMS), An Introduction". These two courses are also among the course requirements for Full Member status in the ARRL East Bay Section ARES program. Complete these courses and obtain and save your completion certificates before beginning your EC-001 studies. You can find these free online courses on a list of NIMS courses on FEMA's Web site.

Those who study EC-001 in a Field Class or by book study must pass the EC-001 final exam at a local Field Exam session in order to obtain a completion certificate. (The online course presentation includes an online final exam.) You can find a schedule of upcoming Field Exam sessions using a search tool on the ARRL Web site. The examination fee is $15.

ARRL's resources for the EC-001 course and final exam can be found from the ARRL Web site's Emergency Communications Training page.