ARRL East Bay Section

ARRL East Bay Section ARES®

Served Agencies

Served agencies of ARRL East Bay Section ARES® ("EB-ARES") are entities that serve the public during critical incidents and that the ARRL or EB-ARES have agreed in writing to support with volunteer communications services at such times. Served agencies may be government, non-government, for-profit, or not-for-profit entities. ARES services are provided at no charge to served agencies.

The ARRL has many served agencies at the national level, and those relationships extend to each section, including the ARRL East Bay Section. Existing national served agencies include the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and the National Weather Service.

EB-ARES also has agreements with local served agencies. Local agreements must be approved by the ARRL and signed by the agency and by the Section Manager of the ARRL East Bay Section.

Agreements involving EB-ARES are documented on our Agreements page.

EB-ARES units and their leaders will support all their ARES served agencies to the best of their abilities. The EB-ARES program will not be dedicated to the exclusive service of any one or more served agencies in any district or community in the ARRL East Bay Section to the exclusion of other existing or potential served agencies.

Unlike local Amateur Radio groups, ARES is a national program. Because local agreements with served agencies are recognized by the ARRL, local ARES leaders can call upon ARES resources across their entire ARRL sections, and ARRL Section Managers can request resources from other sections to support their local ARES operations. This gives the ARES program a depth that may not be available to other programs.

EB-ARES is open to serving other agencies that operate within its geographical area (California's Alameda, Contra Costa, Napa, and Solano Counties). If you represent an agency that is interested in establishing an agreement with EB-ARES, please contact our Section Emergency Coordinator or Section Manager as shown on our Contact page.

Prospective Served Agencies

With the approval of the Section Manager, EB-ARES may participate in drills and exercises with prospective served agencies within the ARRL East Bay Section.

Encoded voice message content

On May 15, 2013, EB-ARES participated in the State of California's Golden Guardian 2013 functional exercise by supporting several existing and prospective served agencies. Some of these agencies are medical and health agencies. For these agencies during this exercise, EB-ARES compressed or encoded some voice transmissions on Amateur Radio frequencies for the purpose of increased transmission speed and accuracy. EB-ARES used this form designed specifically for these agencies to encode those transmissions. EB-ARES may also use this form in later exercises.